Community Outreach

Community Outreach

Recently OIBA did several community outreach performances. We are very happy to make contributions to our community, letting more people know about Ballet, and be involved in the arts form.

4/30 Benaroya Hall, Seattle (北美艺术群英会“越洋之声”歌舞音乐会)

Nutcracker Act I Pas de deux

Zonya Tanda ( OIBA Level III student) and Thomas Baker ( Oregon Ballet Theatre)



5/21 Chinatown Saturday Performance‏ series to promote and reinvigorating Chinatown, to preserving heritage and Culture.

1, Contemporary Ballet solo:
    Aubrey Benson (Advanced class)
2, Four little swans:
    Daphne Wu, Vivian Lang, Hannah Hunt, Bella Coari. (Level III)



6/2 Ladd Acres school

Oregon International Ballet Academy Ballet performance

OIBA performing at Ladd Acres school 6_2


Little Megastar

OIBA is taking Spring Term and Summer Program registration now.

For more information and registry please go to:

2016 Spring Term

2016 Summer Program

After the summer intensive training, OIBA is going to take off to China for the Second Summer International Ballet Exchange program, Location: Guangzhou.

During our 2015 summer program OIBA performed at Yulan Grand Theatre which seated 3000 audience members. OIBA’s performance touched every viewers heart and received great reviews by local and international ballet critics. For more details please go to: 2015 China Tour

During the 2015-2016 Winter term, OIBA performed for 5 different 2016 Chinese New Year’s events. Everyone did a beautiful job in such short amounts of rehearsals, they were shining on stage like megastars!

Let’s see some behind the scenes footage:










2016 Chinese New Year Performance

Congratulations to the OIBA students who performed beautifully on all 5 different Chinese New Year’s events.

Advanced class and Level III students performed “Yellow River- Third movement” with OBT dancers Brian Simcoe and Adam Hartley.

DSC_4389 DSCF5274-2-L GetAttachment.aspx D4S_6135-001 DSCF5231-2-L

Beginning, Level I and Level II students performed “Youth of Spring”

DSC_4887 D4S_6567 D4S_6608 D4S_6624 D4S_6666 D4S_6751

Level III student Zonya performed “Nutcracker Act I pas de deux” with OBT dancer Thomas Baker.


Thanks to Randell Benson, Charles Chu and Wendy Tanada for taking the photos.

Big thanks to all parents who helped and volunteer for the show!!!

2016 China Night – The Year of the Monkey

Last Saturday, OIBA performed at 2016 China Night – The Year of the Monkey
Chinese New Year Celebration , the event was hosted by The Confucius Institute at PSU and the PSU Chinese Students & Scholars Association.

OIBA advance class student Jada Lee performed “Yellow River- Second movement Pas de deux” by Ye Li, with guest star Brian Simcoe, Principle Dancer of Oregon Ballet Theatre.

Big thanks to our photographer Crecia Page and Jingzi Zhao.

For more photos, please go to our Gallery.

Yellow River 2 yellow river 7 Yellow River 1 Yellow river 8 yellow river 9

Supporting Catlin Gabel Fund

With her love of traditionally Ballet, Xuan passes her elusive treasure by donating her time to the community, teaches the kids beautiful dances and instills the positive energy to allow the students to achieve their dreams for the future. A Big Thank You to The Zanon family and The Perez family from Catlin Gabel community for your supports. Photo by Crecia Page.

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For more photos please go to

OIBA Halloween best costume award

Hi, everyone, it is time to announce the winners of OIBA Halloween best costume award. They are:
1st prize: Zonya
2nd prize: Nieka
3rd prize: Gwendolyn

IMG_5584 Zonya

IMG_5587 Nieka

IMG_5581 Gwendolyn

OIBA Halloween

OIBA had a great and fun Halloween, there are some pictures of our students we put on Facebook, please share with your family and friends, ask them press “like” to the pictures to help us vote the best costume award, we will announce the result on 11/21 Saturday, the winner will receive a surprise gift!

This is the link to vote:

vote on Facebook

Halloween group 1 halloween group 3 halloween group 4

Elusive Treasure — OIBA featured in Dance wire

Elusive Treasure

By Emily Running

Published in

Unlike a painting which can be seen forever, the masterpiece of classical ballet needs to be passed down and that’s what Xuan and Ye, directors of Oregon International Ballet Academy, intend to do. Xuan describes ballet as an elusive treasure, something you can’t learn from a book. Training and discipline are generic terms in relation to what OIBA is seeking to provide their students. Instead, they are focused on drawing out the heart, the passion and the intangible. During their training, Xuan and Ye had an amazing teacher that they say “had a magical quality that allowed us to embody whatever character we were playing, while truly being ourselves.” Ye emphasizes the nuance of character. “If you are a prince, you need to do a pirouette like a prince, if you are a jester, the pirouette needs to embody a jester.” A strong foundation of technique is key to being able to add the nuance and really move the audience and that ability is just one of the things they hope to pass on to their students.

Their interest goes even deeper than the experience of ballet itself. Each with extensive success in their own careers, they have traveled the world learning from a variety of teachers and experiencing different styles and ideas all along the way. That experience is not something you can teach, so OIBA started a Cultural Exchange program so the students could be exposed to those things themselves. This past summer they went to China and the students took class right alongside the Chinese students. Xuan emphasizes that “Class in China is very different – very strict.” In China training is much like bootcamp. In America students want freedom and creativity. “But each experience allows us to grow and to see the world from a new perspective.” Xuan and Ye have connections all over the world with top notch ballet companies, so each year may be a different adventure. And in Portland, they hope to live up to their name of the Oregon International Ballet Academy by maintaining a culturally diverse group of students – anyone looking for top notch ballet training welcome.

The final component that drives OIBA’s mission is giving students the opportunity to have a professional experience. Whether or not they go on to be a professional is not the idea, the goal is to get their students on a professional stage in front of a substantial audience, so they can feel that feeling, the one that captured Xuan and Ye’s hearts long ago.


Source: Dance wire