Level IV

Level IV students concentrate on the development of strength, stability, balance, aplomb, and elevation. More complicated adagio and allegro combinations are introduced.

Pre Ballet

Age 3-5

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Adult Class is a traditional Ballet class open to all ages and skill levels. Classical Ballet technique, as well as an attention to self expression, posture, and beauty are emphasized. Students can experience the demands of Classical Ballet in a fun and enjoyable environment.

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Young Adult

Young adult class is focused on using Ballet, Contemporary, Lyrical, and Modern dance movement styles to improve students dance skills and artistry on stage. This class maintains an open atmosphere for students to experiment with movement.


Advance – Age 14+

Advanced students refine, strengthen, and reinforce all aspects of their training in this level. Pointe work is emphasized and the ability to learn and perform repertoire is stressed.

By Audition Only

Level III

Level III focuses on further developing and refining ballet studies. Incorporating the head, arms, torso, and legs is used to increase coordination and strength. Technical execution of exercises will continue to be stressed as well as a development of musicality and artistry. Female students are introduced to pointe work.


Level II

Level II is a continuation of the materials learned in Level 1. Furthering strength, speed, and the number of steps executed add to each students basic training. Focused on strengthening the legs, feet, and upper body, this level will complete a full ballet barre. In the center, this class will also be introduced to pirouettes(turns), adagio(controlled movements), allegro(jumps), and preparation for pointe work.

Level I

Age 8-10

Level I is where classical ballet curriculum begins. Guided repetition of exercises is used to create a solid base for all future study. Correct placement, advancing coordination, strengthening of the lower body, and discipline are emphasized. Classes will consist of barre, center, and jumping exercises.

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Beginning Ballet

Age 5-7

Beginning Ballet introduces the fundamentals required for classical ballet training. The class will focus on floor work, stretching, coordination, and musicality.

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