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OIBA had its first week of 2016 summer intensive program.

Our Beginning Ballet and Intermediate Ballet girls were learning a lot and working very hard everyday. There was a lot of improvement happening during the study everyday as well as a lot fun going on too.



Little Megastar

OIBA is taking Spring Term and Summer Program registration now.

For more information and registry please go to:

2016 Spring Term

2016 Summer Program

After the summer intensive training, OIBA is going to take off to China for the Second Summer International Ballet Exchange program, Location: Guangzhou.

During our 2015 summer program OIBA performed at Yulan Grand Theatre which seated 3000 audience members. OIBA’s performance touched every viewers heart and received great reviews by local and international ballet critics. For more details please go to: 2015 China Tour

During the 2015-2016 Winter term, OIBA performed for 5 different 2016 Chinese New Year’s events. Everyone did a beautiful job in such short amounts of rehearsals, they were shining on stage like megastars!

Let’s see some behind the scenes footage:










Supporting Catlin Gabel Fund

With her love of traditionally Ballet, Xuan passes her elusive treasure by donating her time to the community, teaches the kids beautiful dances and instills the positive energy to allow the students to achieve their dreams for the future. A Big Thank You to The Zanon family and The Perez family from Catlin Gabel community for your supports. Photo by Crecia Page.

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For more photos please go to

OIBA Halloween best costume award

Hi, everyone, it is time to announce the winners of OIBA Halloween best costume award. They are:
1st prize: Zonya
2nd prize: Nieka
3rd prize: Gwendolyn

IMG_5584 Zonya

IMG_5587 Nieka

IMG_5581 Gwendolyn

OIBA Halloween

OIBA had a great and fun Halloween, there are some pictures of our students we put on Facebook, please share with your family and friends, ask them press “like” to the pictures to help us vote the best costume award, we will announce the result on 11/21 Saturday, the winner will receive a surprise gift!

This is the link to vote:

vote on Facebook

Halloween group 1 halloween group 3 halloween group 4

Beginning Ballet Class

A peek of our beginning ballet class.

照片 (20)


Teaching is fun

Yesterday Xuan taught at the School of Oregon Ballet Theatre summer intensive. She had a lot of fun working with the very talented students in the Level 5 and 6 classes.

照片 (18)

Source: OBT

OIBA 2015 Summer Intensive Program

OIBA’s first 2 week summer intensive program of Level II ended successfully!

The girls were learning a lot and working very hard everyday, there was a lot of improvement happening during the study. Meanwhile, there was a lot fun moments going on too.

On the last day, we invited parents to come and watch the rehearsal class at the end. The girls did a great job and I am very proud of them.

We are also very lucky have Thomas Baker, beautiful dancer from OBT, to give our students a master class. The girls loved the class and did a great job. After the class, we took a field trip to Little Big Burger and Salt & Straw in downtown Portland. What a wonderful day of study and fun.




OIBA 2015 Summer International Tour

OIBA is happy to announce after our summer intensive program, we will have an opportunity in mid-August to travel to GuangZhou and DongGuan, China to study with Professional Ballet Schools, tour cultural attractions, and perform on stage.(Audition Required)

For details please contact OIBA.