Recently OIBA did several community outreach performances. We are very happy to make contributions to our community, letting more people know about Ballet, and be involved in the arts form.

4/30 Benaroya Hall, Seattle (北美艺术群英会“越洋之声”歌舞音乐会)

Nutcracker Act I Pas de deux

Zonya Tanda ( OIBA Level III student) and Thomas Baker ( Oregon Ballet Theatre)



5/21 Chinatown Saturday Performance‏ series to promote and reinvigorating Chinatown, to preserving heritage and Culture.

1, Contemporary Ballet solo:
    Aubrey Benson (Advanced class)
2, Four little swans:
    Daphne Wu, Vivian Lang, Hannah Hunt, Bella Coari. (Level III)



6/2 Ladd Acres school

Oregon International Ballet Academy Ballet performance

OIBA performing at Ladd Acres school 6_2