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2016 Chinese New Year Performance

Congratulations to the OIBA students who performed beautifully on all 5 different Chinese New Year’s events.

Advanced class and Level III students performed “Yellow River- Third movement” with OBT dancers Brian Simcoe and Adam Hartley.

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Beginning, Level I and Level II students performed “Youth of Spring”

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Level III student Zonya performed “Nutcracker Act I pas de deux” with OBT dancer Thomas Baker.


Thanks to Randell Benson, Charles Chu and Wendy Tanada for taking the photos.

Big thanks to all parents who helped and volunteer for the show!!!

2016 China Night – The Year of the Monkey

Last Saturday, OIBA performed at 2016 China Night – The Year of the Monkey
Chinese New Year Celebration , the event was hosted by The Confucius Institute at PSU and the PSU Chinese Students & Scholars Association.

OIBA advance class student Jada Lee performed “Yellow River- Second movement Pas de deux” by Ye Li, with guest star Brian Simcoe, Principle Dancer of Oregon Ballet Theatre.

Big thanks to our photographer Crecia Page and Jingzi Zhao.

For more photos, please go to our Gallery.

Yellow River 2 yellow river 7 Yellow River 1 Yellow river 8 yellow river 9

Supporting Catlin Gabel Fund

With her love of traditionally Ballet, Xuan passes her elusive treasure by donating her time to the community, teaches the kids beautiful dances and instills the positive energy to allow the students to achieve their dreams for the future. A Big Thank You to The Zanon family and The Perez family from Catlin Gabel community for your supports. Photo by Crecia Page.

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